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Do American Presidents fear African wild animals?

(eTN) - Just a couple of weeks before US President Barack Obama lands in Africa for a week-long official visit, interesting stories and news about his historic visit to this continent are coming up e

President Obama visit to Africa: a boom in tourism?

TANZANIA (eTN) - With excitement and expectations to see a tourism boom in Africa, tourist stakeholders are looking at the official tour of the continent by US President Barack Obama as a kick-start t

Obama victory waves across Africa with leading newspaper headlines

TANZANIA (eTN) - With leading headlines in bold, all Tanzanian daily newspapers published in their Thursday editions news about the re-election of Barack Obama looking for his final term as President

UNWTO praises President Obama for tourism growth in USA

LONDON, UK - When asked by eTN today at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London, UNWTO’s Secretary General, Taleb Rifai, praised President Obama for supporting tourism despite an uncertain economy.

US President Barrack Obama views Seychelles as steadfast ally

President Barrack Obama has said this week that Seychelles is an example to the world in its commitment to the democratic process and is one of the United States’ “most steadfast allies” in the

President Obama issues travel and tourism progress report

The Obama Administration today issued a comprehensive travel and tourism progress report on the goals set forth in the President's Executive Order announced earlier this year.

ICTP urges President Obama’s tourism policy to include the poor countries...

HAWAII & BRUSSELS: It is right to welcome President Obama’s new support for the tourism sector and to congratulate Roger Dow and the US travel and tourism industry for their brilliant repositioning

WTTC says President Obama gets it

“President Obama should be congratulated for signing today’s Executive Order and announcing a suite of initiatives to significantly increase travel and tourism in the United States.

President Obama declares Iraq war will be over by end of...

"After nearly nine years, America's war in Iraq will be over, Obama said, "The coming months will be a season of homecomings. Our troops in Iraq will definitely be home for the holidays."

Just say no to Obama’s proposed airline taxes

Citing that the proposed airline taxes will eliminate jobs, force higher fares and reduce service, the Air Transport Association of America (ATA) has called on members of the US Congress to reject Pre

WTTC pleads with Obama administration to promote, not damage, tourism industry

The World Travel & Tourism Council has today condemned a US$25 billion raid on airline passengers in the United States as “confused and counter-productive” and called on the US administration to t

The Queen and Obama give huge boost to Irish tourism

It seems that images of Obama holding babies in Moneygall and the Queen clinking glasses in Dublin Castle has given a boost to the numbers of people looking to make Ireland their next holiday destinat

Obama: Osama bin Laden killed by US forces

The mastermind of the worst terrorist attack on American soil is dead, U.S. President Barack Obama announced late Sunday night, almost 10 years after the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people.

The revolutionary rebellion in Egypt

"Several days ago I said that Mubarak’s fate was sealed and that not even Obama was able to save him.

Obama authorizes use of force in piracy hijacking

The 58-foot vessel, named the Quest, was captured by pirates in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Oman on Friday and was being shadowed by the military.

Goodbye Boeing, hello Obama

CHICAGO, Illinois - William M. Daley submitted his request to resign from Boeing's board of directors, since US President Barack Obama appointed him to be his new chief of staff.

Obama administration pushes for airline regulation

(eTN) - In 1978, the United States government deregulated the airline industry, and by all appearances, everything was running along fairly smoothly until in recent years, fuel prices took a staggerin

President Obama calls for air safety upgrades

LOS ANGELES, California - The Obama Administration is proposing a "robust investment" in the development of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) NextGen ATC system - a satellite-based air traff

President Obama pushes 50 billion dollar transportation plan

WASHINGTON, DC - President Obama spent his Labor Day pushing a new US$50 billion vision for revamping America’s crumbling transportation infrastructure.

Can President Obama really relax when on vacation

VINEYARD HAVEN, MA — At a bookstore in the upscale New England resort of Martha's Vineyard, President Barack Obama chose some summer reading for his daughters - a fiction classic set in the Jim Crow

President Obama paternal Kenya home in headlines for all the wrong...

(eTN) - The paternal home of US President Obama, Kogelo Centre, near Kisumu, Kenya, has come into the headlines again for all the wrong reasons.

Obama may ease Cuba travel rules upon release of political prisoners

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - Recent, widespread reports indicate that President Obama may ease travel restrictions between the US and Cuba.

Destination news: Obama tours Florida

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - President Obama toured waters off Panama City, Fla., in a visit meant to kick off recovery in a region hit hard by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, officials said.

Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act signed by President Obama

WASHINGTON - The International Cruise Victims Association, Inc.

When Obama talks “green,” travel industry leaders see red

President Obama's call for government workers to cut back on driving and travel to reduce air pollution has angered business travel leaders who say he is once again hurting the travel industry.

Obamas plan vacation weekend on Gulf Coast

President Obama has made plans to take his family to the Gulf Coast for a weekend vacation on August 14.

United Airlines chairman and CEO named to President Obama’s Export Council

CHICAGO, Illinois - Glenn Tilton, United Airlines' chairman and CEO, was named to the President Obama's Export Council on Wednesday.

President Obama briefly plays Florida tourism promoter

President Obama briefly played tourism promoter on his trip to the oil-soaked Gulf Coast on Monday.

Vacation like a president

ASHEVILLE, NC - With the first official days of summer just around the corner, travelers can follow the footsteps of President and First Lady Obama's weekend getaway to the Blue Ridge Mountains and en

US government tightens rules for checking of no fly list

Thanks to a last-minute look by Emirates at the plane's manifest, terror suspect Faisal Shahzad's named popped up, after having been added shortly after 12:00 noon on Monday, shortly before the flight