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Nyungwe Forest Lodge: gateway to the enchanted forest

(eTN) - When I write about Rwanda, anything to do with Rwanda, my readers often get back to me and say they feel the passion I have for the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” and it is true.

World Tourism Day quiz winners tour Nyungwe Forest

(eTN) - The Rwanda Development Board (RDB) is hosting 24 winners of a radio quiz on Radio Rwanda and Contact FM, undertaken ahead of the World Tourism Day (WTD) celebrations, to a guided, all-inclusiv

Views of Nyungwe Forest from above and below

RWANDA (eTN) - If ever I have entered an enchanted forest, where I expected to momentarily see elves and hobbits emerge from behind these huge moss covered trees, or where I would run into these legen

Rwanda readies to show the world a different face

ARUSHA, Tanzania (eTN) - Rwanda, the mountainous African tourist paradise, has been honored the host of ninth Leon Sullivan Summit in 2010, giving new hopes to this small African tourist destination whose history captured the tragic genocide 14 years ago.