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Future airline pilots will be less experienced, less ethical and in...

WASHINGTON — There are signs that future airline pilots will be less experienced, less ethical and in short supply, a panel of experts told an aviation safety forum on Tuesday.

Claims of regional air safety progress questioned

A year after the fiery crash of a regional airliner killed 50 people near Buffalo, N.Y., regulators have missed their own deadlines for pilot-fatigue regulations for the smaller carriers and are still

Pilots who forgot to land were “working on their laptops”

WASHINGTON — Two Northwest Airlines pilots tell federal investigators that they were going over scheduling using their laptop computers while their plane overflew their Minneapolis destination by 15

Air controllers say NTSB statement about Hudson River crash is misleading

Four words in the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) press release that infer that the Teterboro controller could have warned the pilot of the Piper aircraft about the helicopter over the Hud

NTSB to investigate Continental flight turbulence

A Continental Airlines Inc. flight rocked by turbulence that injured at least 26 passengers may be investigated by U.S. safety officials.

NTSB hearing on Hudson bird-strike crash to focus on bird radars

Commercial bird-radar systems are available to US airports, and DeTect, who specializes in remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, is calling on the FAA today to improve aviation