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IAG: Final assault on CEO of Norwegian Air?

Willie Walsh, CEO of the International Airlines Group (IAG), decided to give the final assault to Norwegian Air Shuttle.

Norwegian airline will now serve free water, accept cash

A Norwegian airline will now serve free water on long-haul flights following complaints that passengers were left without food, drinks and blankets for up to 12 hours.

No food, no water, no blankets – welcome to Norwegian Air...

Norwegian Air Shuttle, Europe's third-largest budget airline, has apologised for refusing passengers food, water and even blankets on its recently launched long-haul flights to New York and Bangkok.

Norwegian Air buying 222 Boeing, Airbus planes for $22 billion

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Norwegian Air Shuttle has announced the largest-ever aircraft purchase in Europe.

Boeing 737 deliveries to be financed by Jackson Square Aviation

SEATTLE - Boeing delivered 737-800s to Japan Airlines (JAL) and Norwegian Air Shuttle last week.

Norwegian Air Shuttle takes first 737 with Boeing Sky Interior

SEATTLE - Boeing and Norwegian Air Shuttle, which operates commercially as Norwegian, yesterday celebrated the delivery of the airline's first Next-Generation 737-800 with the new Boeing Sky Interior.

Airline buys competitor’s cheap tickets

Picture an airline that is having a SUPER sale. Selling tickets for only $0.19 USD (1 Danish crown).
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