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5000 tourists forced to flee Ocracoke Island

Five thousand tourists on a holiday island off North Carolina were preparing to board ferries to the mainland today after an evacuation order as hurricane Earl threatened to sideswipe the east coast o

Tragedy Avoided: A pilot’s perspective on US Air 1549

The following is an exclusive account for our members from one of our pilots who was onboard US Airways Flight 1549 when the pilots made a successful emergency ditching into New York's Hudson River.

Green Meetings a success in Charlotte, North Carolina

ARLINGTON, VA - The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the trade show industry is second only to the construction industry in producing waste.

Southern ‘stroke belt’ killing tourists, too

People in three southern U.S. states are facing a health threat no one can explain: an abnormally high risk of suffering a fatal stroke - even among tourists just visiting the region.Residents and visitors alike in near-coastal areas of North and South Carolina and Georgia have a stroke risk at least 10 per cent higher than people in other U.S. states.