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Egypt calls to Italy: return to the figures of 2010

An Italian delegation of tour operators attended to an urgent meeting, held in Manasterly Palace on the banks of the Nile River, organized by Mr.Tawfic Assy, Chairman of the Egyptian Tourism Authority

Nile boat capsizes during fam trip

UGANDA (eTN) - Four passengers on a sundowner trip on the Nile, above Murchisons Falls, were found alive on a little rocky island last night.

Wikileaks confirms Egypt’s hostility over Nile water agreements

(eTN) - The government of the fallen "Pharaoh" Hosni Mubarak has now finally been exposed by more WikiLeaks cables published last week, confirming what East African countries long suspected and what a

Destination news: A visit to an upcoming gem on the Nile

UGANDA (eTN) - For those who remember the old Chobe lodge and who came for fishing in the old days to this beautiful spot on the Nile, there is news...

Cultural sites hold tourism potential for Uganda

UGANDA (eTN) - The West Nile region of Uganda, often overlooked by travelers and certainly not on the map for mainstream tourism yet, has been cited by staff of development and peace partners to ident

New bridges for road between Juba and Uganda

The road between Juba and Uganda, via Nimule, has received a substantial boost with the completion of as many as 7 new bridges across tributary rivers flowing into the Nile, where in the past crossing

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