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Aviation museum will promote Nigeria’s tourism

LAGOS, Nigeria (eTN) - Nigeria needs an aviation museum that will preserve Nigeria’s aviation history and promote tourism, Ikechi Uko, organizer of Akwaaba Africa Travel Market (AfTM) has said.

Nigeria Tourism joins United States Tour Operators Association

WASHINGTON, DC – The Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation, the official tourism organization for Nigeria, has joined the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) as an Associate Member.

Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria elects new executive

NIGERIA (eTN) - The Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), the private sector umbrella body for tourism in Nigeria, has elected a new set of executives at a well-attended annual general

Nigeria: still no uhuru for Nigeria tourism sector

(eTN) - For close to 24 months now, I have decided to remain quiet and sit and watch as events in the tourism sector unfolded.

Zimbabwe Africa Sun re-brands Nigeria’s most Famous destination Obudu

ABUJA, Nigeria (eTN) - The flagship of Nigeria tourism industry popularly known as Obuda Cattle Ranch has been rebranded and it’s now called Obudu Mountain Resort.

Of neophyte and tin god of Nigeria tourism

ABUJA, Nigeria (eTN) - By now, one would have thought that this period should be ushering in a new beginning for the tourism industry, having enjoyed favorable mention in the parlance of power in two

Domestic airlines in Nigeria reel over losses

ABUJA, Nigeria (eTN) - Functional domestic carriers in the country could risk loosing substantial part of their investments valued at more than 800 trillion Nigerian naira (approximately US$6.7 billio