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UK no longer wants to “serve the health needs of the...

LONDON, England - Foreigners could be forced to pay for GP appointments under proposals ministers are considering to make sure the NHS does not end up “serving the health needs of the world”.

Foreign “health tourists” bleed UK health care white

LONDON, England - The National Health Service (NHS) has lost at least £40m in four years by failing to identify so-called "health tourists" accessing hospital care.

UK cracks down on “health tourism” abuses

Foreigners who abuse the NHS by coming to the UK for treatment as "health tourists" then leaving without paying the costs are to be banned from returning to Britain.

Fertility tourism boom prompted by NHS restrictions

Hundreds of women over the age of 40 are travelling to fertility clinics in Europe to try to get pregnant because NHS clinics in the UK will not take them, the first-ever Europe-wide study of fertilit

UK: No health tourism free-for-all

The Government has warned that it would not finance a "health tourism" free-for-all under plans to give patients rights to shop around Europe for the best and quickest medical treatment.