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US most desirable celebrity neighbors for 2011

SEATTLE - U.S. adults would most like to be neighbors with Sandra Bullock in 2011, according to the fourth annual Zillow Celebrity Neighbor Survey(i).

Neighbors: No tourists for Neverland

Neighbors intend to fight any move to turn Michael Jackson's former home, Neverland, into a tourist destination.

Villa Trapp blocked over fears it would be tourist trap

The Austrian city of Salzburg has blocked plans to open a hotel in a former home of the von Trapp family immortalized in The Sound of Music after protests by neighbors.

RP tourism focuses on Asian neighbors

Despite the global economic slowdown, tourism officials remain confident that the local industry will be resilient as marketing efforts continue to mine specific markets.

Hawaii: ‘Tourists make lousy neighbors’

HONOLULU — Hawaii's verdant volcanic peaks and crystalline waters have made tourism the state's biggest industry. But not all Hawaii residents are thrilled by the millions who flock to their shores.They complain that some of the visitors renting homes and rooms in their residential neighborhoods create noise, drive up home and rental prices and destroy the sense of community.