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Disaster economics: the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

On February 1, 1953, a fierce, sustained storm created a huge surge in the North Sea off the coast of Holland.

Developing a Tourism Continuity Plan

No matter how good your risk management may be, the bottom line is that from time to time, bad things do happen.

Tourism chief: Visit from royal couple would boost tourism in Australia

Looking back on the year that was Tourism Australia chief Andrew McEvoy says the low points are burnt into our brains, but a smile creeps into his voice when he talks about the year ahead.

Most Americans think devastating natural disasters are increasing

NEW YORK - Reading or watching the news, one might be struck by the seemingly constant barrage of reports of disasters, both natural in origin and not.

As world faces interconnected threats, UN focuses on human security

The interconnected risks that the modern world faces, from conflicts and natural disasters to deep poverty and disease, means a much broader definition of security is needed to ensure that individuals

Bligh: Queensland open for business despite disasters

Premier Anna Bligh will today convene critical talks in Sydney with national tourism leaders to assure them and their clients that Queensland is very much open for business despite dual natural disast

UN: 2010 among deadliest years for disasters

2010 was one of the deadliest years for natural disasters in the past two decades and unless better preparations are put in place now, many more disasters can be expected in years to come, the UN’s
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