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Come July it will cost more to enter Tanzania National Parks

Tanzania National Parks has announced a range of new increased tariffs which are due to come into effect in July this year for the period up to June 2015.

Sandy caused significant damage to national parks

WASHINGTON, D.D. - Damage from Superstorm Sandy was not limited to heavily populated cities along the Eastern Seaboard.

Tourism Board and National Parks in Seychelles consolidate partnership

The Seychelles Tourism Board and Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA) have officially consolidated their partnership with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Monday, September

Tanzania tourism set for parliamentary discussion this weekend

TANZANIA (eTN) - The Tanzanian parliament is set to discuss the annual budget for the Ministry of Tourism this week, ahead of the first Pan African Conference on Sustainable Tourism Management in Nati

TANAPA charges to rise by as much as 400 percent beginning...

(eTN) - In a move, termed by sections of the tourism fraternity as “suicidal” TANAPA has raised a range of fees to enter the country’s national parks, effective from July 2013.

In honor of Dr. King, all US national parks offer free...

WASHINGTON, DC - To celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the US government is offering free admissoin to all 397 of its national parks from January 14 to 16.

Tourist helicopter crash in Las Vegas

According to a CNN report, a helicopter that was taking passengers on a tour over Hoover Dam near Las Vegas crashed Wednesday evening, killing the pilot and all four passengers, a spokesman for the Na

Gishwati Forest lined up as Rwanda’s next national park

(eTN) - Sources close to the Rwanda Development Board’s Tourism and Conservation Division have confirmed earlier in the week that Gishwati Forest, featured recently in RwandAir’s inflight magazine

First country in the world with half of its land protected

The Seychelles government has announced that it will soon declare new protected areas in the archipelago, which will result in half (50.59%) of all Seychelles land becoming protected under the law.

Entrance fees waived at all 392 US national parks

Entrance fees will be waived at all 392 national parks from now through April 25 for National Park Week.

Less-known national parks worth visiting

There are 58 national parks in the United States, many of them unsung natural oases full of majestic beauty.

Here, even icons need IDs

The two Belgian tourists paused on the pathway near the Washington Monument to answer a question. Could they identify the towering white obelisk before them?

Where do national park workers go for a vacation?

TUCSON, AZ - Ever wonder where people who work in national parks go when they take a vacation?