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34 ports in 14 countries: Carnival Legend’s 2020 European schedule released

Carnival Legend will operate Carnival Cruise Line's most diverse European season to date with nine- to 16-day voyages visiting 34 ports in 14 countries...

New Ferrari of a train speeds from Rome to Naples

The new train of the Italian private railway operator, Italo NTV, rapidly left on its maiden voyage from Rome to Naples with a load of 300 accredited journalist specialists in the travel trade and tec

World’s most successful wine festival to take place in Naples

NAPLES, Fla. - The city of Naples, Fla. will host many of the world's most esteemed chefs and vintners on Jan. 27, when the 2012 Naples Winter Wine Festival kicks off its 12th annual event.

Shore guide to Sorrento, Italy

(eTN) - When Americans visit Italy, I believe we have different tastes and expectations than regional Italians; our way of life is quite different, so I’d like to give some tips to American traveler

City’s ex-cons to help Naples tourists

Tourists in Naples are being welcomed by ex-convicts who help them cross the streets in the hair-raising traffic, offer information and even escort them through the city's more dangerous alleyways und

Visitors must learn to love Naples for its rubbish and filth,...

Claudio Velardi, 53, took the job of luring tourists to Italy's dirtiest and most criminal city at a time when Neapolitans are rioting over the mountains of rubbish lying in the streets. The crisis, which arose after the city's dumps became full and collections halted, continues to worsen.

Naples streets now free of trash but also tourists

NAPLES - The streets of Naples are cleaner than ever but there are few tourists to see them. Images of head-high piles of trash have driven them away -- and with them the southern Italian city's biggest source of income.
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