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Air Transport Association changes name to Airlines for America

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The trade association for the leading U.S.

Henan province: Airline can no longer use its name

A poor central Chinese province has revoked the right of an airline which suffered a fatal crash earlier this week to use its name, saying the incident had tarnished its reputation.

The name game

(eTN) - Does it really matter if the name of the hotel is MGM Grand Inc., the MGM Mirage, or MGM Resorts International?

Frontier Airlines names new badger Buddy

This will not qualify as the most important airline news of the month, or week, or day, but fans of Frontier Airlines' tail animals will be interested in learning the name of Frontier's new badger.

Virgin America Airlines names plane after Toronto rapper Aubrey “Drake” Graham

Just two weeks after his debut record, 'Thank Me Later,' topped the charts in both the US and Canada (it sold over 500,000 copies in the States alone) Toronto rapper Aubrey "Drake" Graham has become t

Virgin Eagle Airline renamed to Air Nigeria

(eTN) NIGERIA - The new owners of former Virgin Nigeria Eagle Airlines, NICON Group, have renamed the airline, Air Nigeria.

Nigerian Eagle Airlines set for yet another name change

NIGERIA - Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim, the new chairman of

New name for Meritus Mandarin Singapore

Meritus Mandarin Singapore announced today that it has changed its name to Mandarin Orchard Singapore. It continues to be owned by Overseas Union Enterprise Ltd.

WTF??? Tourism organization changes name

Thanks to the Internet and cell-phone texting, most people are familiar with Internet slang and "chatspeak." For example, LOL is "laugh out loud" and BRB is "be right back."

Sale of Aloha Airlines name declared invalid

A federal judge threw out the sale of Aloha Airlines' trade name and logo, putting a hold on efforts to rebrand rival go! airline as Aloha Airlines.

Global Aero Logistics launches re-branding program

Global Aviation Holdings, Inc. is the new name announced today to replace Global Aero Logistics, Inc.

Travelzoo purchases Fly.com domain name for US$1.8 million

NEW YORK, NY - Travelzoo, a global Internet media company, announced today that it has purchased the Internet domain name fly.com for $1,760,000 in cash.

Aloha Airlines name may return to Hawaii skies in Mesa deal

Aloha Airlines may grace Hawai'i's skies again, though this time the name would be used by the bankrupt carrier's nemesis, the owner of go! airline.

CC Africa has new name and new luxury lodges in Africa...

Luxury safari group CC Africa (Conservation Corporation Africa) and joint venture partners, Taj Hotels Palaces and Resorts and Cigen, are to open two new lodges in India in December.

Airline to name plane Princess Mary

A recent visit by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark to her home country of Australia created such a flurry of excitement, even a local airline was starstruck.