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Dubai’s tallest tower done by end of year

Dubai’s foremost iconic project, the world’s tallest building expected to position Dubai again as a world leisure and tourist destination is the Burj Dubai.

Dubai’s biggest merger ever may be only way out of meltdown

Last Saturday, Dubai’s Emaar Properties announced it is expecting a huge merger to be completed within four months with three real-estate units of Dubai Holding, which is owned by the ruler of the D

Now comes a floating hotel in Dubai

Previously dubbed the grandest vessel ever, and once the largest, longest, widest and tallest ocean liner in the world following the 828.8 foot-long Titanic, QE2 now docked in Dubai may soon reloc

Dubai projects come to screeching halt

One's claim to fame as the hotel/resort and residential real estate success visible from outer space, as well as the Eight Wonder of the World may not be enjoyed by its developers in Dubai for much