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Deaths of tourists in Thailand may have been caused by toxic...

An investigation into the mysterious deaths of a British couple and four other tourists in hotels in northern Thailand found they may have been caused by toxic chemical exposure, it was revealed today

Yemen tourism goes on the road in Europe

The National Dance Academy of Yemen will be performing on Paddington Station throughout the day on Sunday, October 18, supported by a "Henna Lady" and lots of information from the Yemen Tourism Promot

“Mystery discounts” to be offered by Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air

SEATTLE - Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air today announced "Mystery Discounts," in which the carriers will offer a discount off fares to new destinations each day, for three consecutive days, starting

Airline safety survey remains mystery

Years after thousands of pilots told NASA about their in-flight safety experiences and NASA shut down the survey without divulging any findings, the pilots' views remain a mystery.