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World Tourism Organization welcomes back Myanmar

The President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, U Thein Sein, has announced the country will initiate the process of restoring its membership of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

E-visas arrive to Myanmar and probably to Vietnam

MANADO, Indonesia (eTN) - There is a funny expression in French media. They regularly mention “marronnier” (chestnut tree), as soon as a topic comes into the media on a regular basis.

Bagan, center of sand painting

BAGAN, Myanmar (eTN) - With its 1,200 or 1,300 stupas, pagodas, and temples – it is probably difficult to get a precise figure - Bagan in Myanmar is certainly one of Asia’s most stunning places to

Could tourism become a Pandora’s box for Myanmar?

BAGAN, Myanmar (eTN) - Imagine a young and beautiful girl looking into a mirror for the first time and suddenly discovering how pretty she is.

Myanmar tourism enters a new era

YANGON/BAGAN, Myanmar (eTN) - Experts have long predicted that Myanmar (ex Burma) would one day open up and turn into Southeast Asia’s hottest destinations.

Plastic bag-free zone established at Inle Lake in Burma

A village at Inle Lake in southern Shan State has agreed to become a plastic bag-free zone, and the project’s backers say they hope the initiative will spread to other areas of the popular tourist d

Two earthquakes strike in the border area in between Myanmar, Thailand,...

The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have both confirmed that a on 3/24/2011 1:55:36 PM UTC (about 2035 local time), a 6.8-magnitude

2010 was a golden year for Myanmar tourism

YANGON, Myanmar — By Myanmar standards, 2010 was a golden year for tourism.

Changes are in the air in Myanmar

PHNOM PENH (eTN) - Myanmar has long been considered as a pariah state due to its harsh military government and its poor record on human rights.

Fighting in Myanmar forces thousands to flee to Thailand

(eTN) - More than 15,000 refugees have fled into northern Thailand on Monday after fighting broke out between ethnic Karen rebels and government troops in Myanmar, a United Nations agency has said.

Myanmar Air Bagan launches service to Phuket

BANGKOK – Myanmar carrier Air Bagan is launching twice-weekly flights between Yangon and the resort island of Phuket in Thailand, Agence France-Presse reported Sunday.

Bomb found near popular tourist market in Yongon

YANGON, Myanmar — Authorities in Myanmar found a bomb hidden near a popular tourist market in Yangon, state media reported Saturday, accusing anti-government groups of trying to instigate violence a

Destination news: Tourist arrivals to Myanmar up 37%

Yangon - Tourist arrivals to Myanmar increased 37.4 per cent year-on-year in the first seven months of 2010, thanks in part to a new visa-on-arrival system, media reports said Sunday.

Myanmar airlines to expand fleets in time for peak tourism season

Yangon - Myanmar's two private airlines have announced plans to purchase new aircraft to service new routes in time for the coming peak tourism season, media reports said Sunday.

Myanmar’s renewed interest for international tourism

With Yangon served out of Kuala Lumpur, low-cost carrier AirAsia completes its presence in all ASEAN countries from its main gateway in Malaysia.

Myanmar to offer tourist visas on arrival

Myanmar's military government will offer visas on arrival to boost the country's nascent tourism sector, a travel industry official said on Tuesday.

Long-haul markets collapse to Vietnam in 2009

Long-haul markets to Vietnam are in the doldrums and were behind the collapse of total arrivals last year to the country.

Ministry of Hotels and Tourism: Myanmar tourism booming

Yangon - Tourist arrivals to Myanmar jumped 25 per cent in 2009, despite the global recession and the economic sanctions imposed on the pyriah state, media reports said Sunday.

Myanmar issues advisory to foreign tourists over hot weather

YANGON - The Myanmar tourism authorities Wednesday advised foreign tourists visiting the country to take good care of their health against usually hot weather.

Myanmar to attend WTM in London

YANGON - Myanmar will join the World Travel Market show 2009 to be held in the United Kingdom next week as its efforts to attract more world travelers to the country, sources with the Myanmar Marketin

China’s Autonomous Regions eyed as model for Burmese ethnic areas?

Leaders of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in China have visited Myanmar to brief military government officials on the Chinese experience of creating autonomous regions for ethnic minority groups

Myanmar, Indonesia to boost trade, tourism cooperation

YANGON - Entrepreneurs from Myanmar and Indonesia have met in Yangon recently to seek cooperation in boosting trade and tourism, the local Popular News reported Thursday.

2009-2010: Myanmar targets 1 million arrivals

YANGON - Myanmar has been making efforts to promote its international tourism market, targeting a tourist arrival of 1 million in the present 2009-10 fiscal year which began in April, sources with the

Getting the new visa entry stamp

Chiang Mai, Thailand (eTN) - Most of the foreign tourists who visit the border town of Mae Sai in northern Thailand come for a visa run.

Tourists can easily enter Burma – and leave – if they...

BANGKOK -- It wasn’t quite trepidation or fear going through my head but rather something a bit milder, more like apprehension.
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