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Precision Air resumes Kigoma flights

(eTN) - Precision Air has confirmed that the airline has on Wednesday this week resumed operations to Kigoma, a town located on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Mwanza tourism stakeholders demand better infrastructure

(eTN) - According to a regular source from Arusha, tourism stakeholders met over the last weekend in Mwanza, Tanzania’s lakeside port town on Lake Victoria, to discuss the way forward of how to bett

Torrential rains bring air traffic in Mwanza to a halt

(eTN) - Rains of biblical proportions hit the lake side municipality of Mwanza late Sunday into Monday, forcing the airport management of Mwanza International Airport in Tanzania to eventually cancel

Mwanza to spend almost 20 million on tourism promotion in Tanzania

(eTN) - The Mwanza municipality and some of its neighbors has committed nearly 20 million Tanzania Shillings (US$13,324) to promote their area more aggressively in Tanzania, aimed to attract more visi

Fly540 to serve Mwanza

The Fly540 flights between Nairobi and Bujumbura, due to commence any day now, are reportedly also going to serve Mwanza in the process, according to a senior management source within the airline.

Controversy brewing over airport plans in Greater Serengeti

Old plans, brought down by committed conservationists and angry area residents a few years ago, seem to rear the ugly head again, as efforts to build a major airport in the Serengeti district region a

Precision Air suspends Mwanza to Bukoba route

KAMPALA, Uganada (eTN) - Tanzania’s largest private airline last week has now confirmed that it has suspended the Mwanza to Bukoba route, as part of a move to phase out its old’ LET 410 19-seater aircraft.