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Mummies of the World welcomes 300,000th visitor

MILWAUKEE - Mummies of the World, the largest exhibition of mummies ever assembled welcomed its 300,000th visitor yesterday – just nine months after its July 1, 2010 world premiere in Los Angeles.

Mummies of the World exhibition debuts in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - A 6,420-year-old child mummy from Peru, one the oldest child mummies ever discovered, joins an astonishing collection of mummies and related artifacts in the extraordinary exhibition Mu

Damage to priceless antiquities in Cairo condemned

MILWAUKEE - In light of this weekend's looting in Egypt and damage to some of the world's most priceless treasures at the Cairo Museum, Marc Corwin, president of American Exhibitions, Inc., producer o

Mummies of the World in its final days in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES - Mummies of the World, one of the most successful exhibitions in the California Science Center's 13-year history, will be closing on November 28, 2010, leaving those, interested in viewin