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Most and least peaceful US states

WASHINGTON, DC - First-ever ranking of peace in the U.S. shows the nation has become more peaceful since 1995.

Vive La France! French tourists are booking the most hotel rooms...

NEW YORK - With the euro and other foreign currencies trading favorably against the dollar, this summer is a good time for international tourists to visit the U.S. So who's coming to America?

Going to New York? It’ll cost you. Going to Moscow? It...

In 1998, Moscow was in crisis. More than 100,000 Russians took to the streets as a slew of banks--and the life savings of millions of citizens--went bust.

Japan’s 10 most popular tourist attractions

When foreigners go to Japan, Tokyo tops their list of places to see.

Fuel costs could bankrupt most airlines next year

FORT WORTH, Texas - A new study released by a business travelers group has predicted most major airlines will be bankrupt by next year if fuel costs remain high.The study, which was commissioned by the Business Travel Coalition, said the commercial aviation industry is "in full-blown crisis and heading toward a catastrophe."