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Krabi authorities warn tourists to be wary of ill-behaved monkeys

BANGKOK, Thailand - Authorities have put up signs on popular beaches in Krabi province, warning tourists to be wary of ill-behaved, hungry monkeys, a Thai Rath report said on Tuesday.

SafariLink supports Colobus Trust at Diani Beach

SafariLink, the scheduled safari airline operating daily flights into the main national parks from Wilson Airport and between the key national parks, has for some time now been flying to the Ukunda ai

Annual Monkey Feast draws tourists to Thailand

THAILAND - About 1,000 monkeys were treated to a feast with special meals parachuted into a shrine compound Sunday in Thailand.The annual Monkey Feast lures tourists from all over the world.

25 Gibraltar monkeys to be culled after causing havoc with tourists

MADRID, Spain - A renegade group of Gibraltar's Barbary apes, the only non-human primates to live in the wild in Europe and a popular symbol of the quirky British colony, has annoyed locals so much that authorities have decided a cull is inevitable.