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UN panel satisfied with referendum polling in Sudan

The United Nations panel tasked with monitoring the referendum on the future status of Southern Sudan today welcomed yesterday's conclusion of polling, saying the process was well organized and enable

District Attorneys must monitor TSA pat downs for sexual abuse

NAPA, Calif. - Let's keep this Thanksgiving a traditional family event and not an excuse for the TSA to grope flyers.

Tourism Emergency Response Network statement on the air traffic disruption in...

Millions of people inside and outside Europe have been affected by the current air traffic disruption in European airspace.

Hawaii tourism officials seek increased surveillance

Hawaii tourism officials plan to help in expanding surveillance cameras statewide to assist police and discourage criminal activity.

US Olympic tourists warned about monitoring in hotels

WASHINGTON — Americans traveling to China for the Olympic Games in August can expect their hotel rooms there to be monitored, the State Department warned on its website."All visitors should be aware that they have no reasonable expectation of privacy in public or private locations," according to the State Department site.