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Mombasa Airport overhaul ends in time for high season

(eTN) - Work at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa, ongoing for several years to upgrade arrival and departure lounges and other facilities, is according to Airport Manager Yatich Kangugo on cou

Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association re-elects Mohammed Hersi unopposed

(eTN) - News just came in from Mombasa confirming that Mohammed Hersi, Regional General Manager, Coast, for Sarova Hotels, was last evening re-elected unopposed as Chairman of the Mombasa and Coast To

Kenya Airport Authority blamed for Mombasa flight chaos

(eTN) - The closure of the single runway at Mombasa’s Moi International Airport (MBA) for several hours yesterday morning, between 0530 to at least 0930 hours, appears to have caught several airline

Tourists in Mombasa stranded by striking truck drivers

(eTN) - A massive traffic jam along the main highway to Mombasa was blocked yesterday for over 8 hours by striking truck drivers, with cars on both sides of the Mariakani weight bridge backed up for o

UK tourists injured in Kenya bus crash

Fifteen Britons were involved in a terrifying coach crash in Kenya when their vehicle plunged 16ft down a bank and flipped on its side.

Mombasa tourism industry marches against poaching menace

(eTN) - Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association (MCTA) Chairman Mohammed Hersi, also Area General Manager Coast for Sarova Hotels in charge of the Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa and the two sister lodg

RwandAir resumes Mombasa stop for Dubai flights

(eTN) - Effective tomorrow RwandAir will re-launch their Mombasa stop for 3 of their 7 weekly flights between Kigali and Dubai.

Jumbo Jam adds to Mombasa’s traffic woes

(eTN) - No sooner were memories fading over the strike a week ago, which brought the ferry services between Mombasa and the southern mainland to a standstill, did more bad news hit home.

Likoni ferries down between Mombasa and South Coast

(eTN) - UPDATE (NOVEMBER 3, 2012): It has been confirmed from a regular source in Mombasa that the workers of the Kenya Ferry Service have resumed duty and ferry services are underway

Crackdown on separatists in Coast region does not affect tourism

NAIROBI, Kenya – The recent crackdown on the separatist Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) in Coast region does not seem to have adversely affected the hotel industry.

Now the UN dumps on Mombasa, too

(eTN) - Within months of the US Embassy declaring a hasty and ultimately withdrawn travel embargo on Kenya’s Indian Ocean port city of Mombasa, now the UN has done the same to the outrage of Kenya

Coast tourism in Kenya braces for full-fledged ferry strike

(eTN) - The ongoing negotiations between Kenya Ferry Services’ management and the union representing the staff of the sole transport link between the island of Mombasa and the south coast, including

Tourists die on Mombasa-Nairobi Highway

(eTN) - Sad news just in from Mombasa confirms that two foreign tourists, of yet unknown nationality and names, have died alongside with their driver and another passenger, when a truck rammed into th

Likoni Ferry services halted after accident

(eTN) - News breaking from Mombasa speaks of a heavy truck loaded with oil products having crashed into the ocean at the Likoni ferry crossing about an hour ago, causing the suspension of already frag

Drive-by assassination rocks Mombasa

eTN) - The assassination of what is largely considered a radical Islamic preacher with suspected links to Al Shabab and other terrorist groups, has left Mombasa reeling from an immediate outbreak of v

1Time set to pull flights from Mombasa

(eTN) - A regular source from Kenya’s tourism fraternity has just confirmed that 1Time, a South African low-cost carrier (LCC) flying for a while now between Johannesburg and Mombasa, appears set to

US Embassy lifts staff travel ban to Mombasa

(eTN) - Information was confirmed yesterday that the US Embassy in Nairobi has lifted the travel ban imposed on all their staff – though that clearly did not affect the allegedly dozens of operative

Kenya tourism stakeholders accuse US of fueling hysteria

(eTN) - The announcement by the US Embassy in Nairobi, that they had “credible intelligence of an imminent attack on tartest in Mombasa” was taken a step further yesterday when all their personnel

Nightspot attacked in Mombasa

(eTN) - The Moi Avenue based Bella Vista Night Club and Restaurant in Mombasa was hit last evening by what has been described as both gunfire and an explosion.

Kenyan tourism stakeholders mince no words over roads, water

(eTN) - A tourism stakeholder meeting earlier in the week at the Sarova Whitesands Resort and Spa once again focused on the perennial challenges the industry at the Kenyan coast is faced with - poor r

Mombasa blasts well away from tourist hot spots

(eTN) - A regular source from the Kenyan coast, met only a few days ago at the e-Tourism Conference in Nairobi, was swift to make contact and get heard when he said: “We had two separate but almost

Low-cost carrier to begin flights from South Africa to Mombasa

(eTN) - Information was just confirmed that 1Time, one of South Africa’s low-cost carriers, will add Mombasa to their network by March of this year, following successful flights between OR Tambo Int

Qatar Airways eyes Kigali

The news that first broke out during the Dubai Air Show, regarding Qatar Airways eyeing three more East African destinations, has been confirmed.

Added charters heading for Mombasa amid hopes and doubts

(eTN) - Information from aviation sources in Mombasa tells a story of hope and doubts at the same time, when details become known that more charter flights, including from Poland and Russia, were head

Regional tourism meeting in Mombasa discussed EAC tourism protocol

(eTN) - A regional meeting is taking place in Mombasa under the auspices of the East African Community (EAC) to discuss the advancing of articles 115 and 116 of the EAC Treaty, concerning greater inte

Mombasa south coast bypass on track

Linking Moi International Airport Mombasa south coast bypass on track

Fort Jesus makes it into UNESCO World Heritage books

(eTN) - The latest round of declaring sites of significant importance to the world’s cultural heritage by UNESCO has seen Fort Jesus included in the list of now protected and globally-acclaimed monu

Sniffer dogs to be deployed at Mombasa port

(eTN) - Information was received over the weekend from Nairobi that the Kenya Wildlife Service is now set to use sniffer dogs at the seaport of Mombasa, besides already deploying the canine detectives

Air Uganda’s Mombasa-Zanzibar flights to be seasonal

UGANDA (eTN) - Information from Air Uganda indicates that the airline will be exploring new ways to maintain their route from Entebbe to Zanzibar via Mombasa.