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Former Maldives president urges tourists to be more politically aware

Mohamed Nasheed, the former president of the Maldives, has called on tourists visiting the Indian Ocean island nation to "be more aware" of its political problems.

Maldives police arrests former president Mohamed Nasheed

NEW DELHI, India - Police in the Maldives arrested the Indian Ocean nation's former president Mohamed Nasheed on Monday after he didn't show up for a trial over accusations against him of abuse of pow

Tourists urged to visit Maldives despite calls for boycott

This week Mohamed Nasheed, the nation’s first democratically elected leader, advised Britons to steer clear of its idyllic beach resorts, the owners of which, he claims, financed the military coup e

A fresh new start for Maldives

LONDON (eTN) - He’s being hailed by some as the Obama of South Asia. The man in question is Mohamed Nasheed the new president of the Maldives.

St. Ange’s Indian Ocean tourism report


Gayoom’s 30-year reign ends

Even a few months ago it, would have been unthinkable that the day would come when the Maldives would have a new President.