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Seychelles Silhouette Island is a model of public-private sector partnership

President James Michel visited the Silhouette School and the Health Centre, as well as several homes on the island the afternoon of last Saturday.

Projects in India likely not to be completed before Commonwealth Games...

Giving the cities of Mathura, Vrindavan, and Varanasi a fresh lease on life, Mayawati, chief minister (CM) of Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state, ordered on Saturday that the three locations b

Air France replicates low cost competition

Over the last few weeks, rumors and false information on a possible conversion of Air France-KLM short/medium-haul network into a low cost operation abounded so much that the management of the French

Hollywood actress and model to be new South Korea’s tourism ambassador

Seoul - Korean-American Hollywood actress and model Moon Bloodgood was named an honorary ambassador by South Korea's tourism board today as part of the country's bid to attract more foreign visitors.

Tourism rival emerges for NZ

South America is copying New Zealand's tourism strategies and is fast becoming one of its biggest competitors in adventure tourism.

Airline’s Belfast operation a role model

Aer Lingus has said that its Belfast base could act as a role model for its operations elsewhere as the airline reviews is operations and costs.

Mexico hopes to attract tourists with naked model

Mexico’s government guardians of history didn’t mind the fact that a seemingly naked soap opera star was promoting the glories of Hidalgo state.