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MITUR to hold forum on extending scope of National Tourism Plan...

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador (September 16, 2008) - The El Salvador Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) will hold a "Forum of Reflection" this coming September 17 and 18 to extend the scope of the 2014 National

National discussion on tourism regarding El Salvador’s Federal Plan for 2020

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador - A national discussion was held July 1, 2008 that mapped out the way for adjusting the Federal Tourism Plan for 2014 and extending it into 2020, with a view toward analyzing

Swift growth in international tourism for El Salvador

Tourism Minister Ruben Rochi submitted the "Achievements, Challenges, and Opportunities" report, which indicates the main actions and projects carried out at the Ministry, while highlighting the Government's strong support when declaring the sector State Policy and strategic axis of the nation's economy.