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Going places? Leave your dreadlocks and Crocs at home

The question of whether it is possible to look good while exploring the globe is one that has long vexed the more fashion-inclined traveler.

London hoteliers urged to stop being greedy

LONDON, England - London hoteliers are being urged to keep their rates at reasonable levels during the Olympic Games next summer to avoid a repeat of the disappointing turnouts for Beijing 2008 and th

Blind acceptance of GPS advice can become traveler’s nightmare

There's a droll car insurance commercial making the rounds lately.

According to federal records numerous airline accidents happened in last 5...

Since 2005, there have been numerous airline accidents, as well as thousands of minor mistakes, according to federal records.Fatal accidents:

Don’t let blowing your nose or taking off your shoes land...

Touching SomeoneWhere It’s Offensive: Korea, Thailand, China, Europe, the Middle East.

Should airlines honor fare errors?

Have you ever taken advantage of a suspiciously low airfare - say $300 to Europe in business class - that turned out to be a mistake? Did the airline cancel your ticket or did you fight to keep it?

Booming tourism in emerging economies promises huge benefits. But not if...

When low-cost air travel was taking off in Europe in the early 1990s, the German and the British ambassadors to Greece used to call each other at the end of each week during the summer, to compare notes on the bad behaviour of the visitors from their countries. No clear winner emerged.