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1 million Chinese will travel overseas on cruise in 2011

One million tourists from the Chinese mainland will travel overseas on cruise ships in 2011, a rise of 26.58 percent on last year, according to forecasts from the China Cruise and Yacht Industry Assoc

Over million tourists come to Costa Rica in first half...

During the first six months of the year, Costa Rica received 1.197.199 international tourists admitted for all ports.

Boeing: Industry will need 1M pilots, maintenance personnel over next 20...

SINGAPORE - The commercial aviation industry will require 466,650 pilots and 596,500 maintenance personnel over the next 20 years to accommodate the strong demand for new and replacement aircraft, acc

Kenya Tourist Board: Tourist arrivals to surpass 1M mark this year

NAIROBI - The Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) has expressed optimism of surpassing the one million-tourist arrival mark this year.

1 million Chinese tourists expected to visit Taiwan in 2010

Taipei - Taiwan expects to receive 1 million Chinese tourists in 2010 as the number of tour groups from the mainland grows, a newspaper said Monday.

July brings more than one million tourists to Lebanon

BEIRUT — More than one million tourists visited Lebanon in the month of July, a record number for the tiny Mediterranean country, the tourism ministry said on Tuesday.

2009-2010: Myanmar targets 1 million arrivals

YANGON - Myanmar has been making efforts to promote its international tourism market, targeting a tourist arrival of 1 million in the present 2009-10 fiscal year which began in April, sources with the

One million drops of joy

The international travel and tourism industry fund-raiser has announced the spectacular news that the magical £1,000,000 figure has been achieved in its 10th year of operation.

Tell TripAdvisor how to give away $1 million

LONDON - TripAdvisor(R) today launched the "More than Footprints" philanthropic initiative, in which TripAdvisor will donate US$1 million to five travel-related nonprofit organizations.

A record 1 million tourists arrive in Cuba in first quarter

One million tourists visited Cuba in the first quarter of 2008, and did so in record time, 22 days earlier than in 2007, officials announced at a celebration on Tuesday at the Compay Segundo Salon in the Hotel Nacional.
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