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Fighting in Myanmar forces thousands to flee to Thailand

(eTN) - More than 15,000 refugees have fled into northern Thailand on Monday after fighting broke out between ethnic Karen rebels and government troops in Myanmar, a United Nations agency has said.

eTN Inbox: Letter from Yangon

Following our first update on the 15th May on the Balloons over Bagan / Malikha Lodge cyclone relief fund, I would like to take this opportunity to update you.

Myanmar opens door for aid, but remains wary

BANGKOK, Thailand - A drumbeat of diplomatic pressure on the military rulers of Burma (Myanmar) has cracked open the door for more international aid to reach cyclone survivors after weeks of scattershot deliveries.

Tourists to Myanmar doing more good than bad, Lonely Planet founder...

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (eTN) - Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler has defended his book's influence in the travel industry by claiming tourists going to Myanmar (formerly Burma) is "doing more good than bad."

UN discusses democracy and reconciliation with Myanmar officials

(eTN) Continuing his latest mission to promote democratization and national reconciliation in Myanmar, the Secretary-General's Special Adviser last week met with senior government ministers in Yangon.