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AAdvantage introduces new way to redeem miles

FORT WORTH, Texas - The American Airlines AAdvantage® program today introduced a new way for customers to use their miles for non-air award redemptions.

Aviation news: American Airlines offers “short hop” flights for fewer miles

FORT WORTH, Texas - Travel is just a "short hop" away as American Airlines offers AAdvantage(R) members the opportunity to book award travel within the United States and Canada for fewer miles, with t

Court refuses to hear Frequent Flyer Depot case

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has refused to let a company continue to buy and sell American Airline frequent flyer points while the airline is suing to stop the practice.

Another credit card fee is about to fly

Another fee is coming in the new year for airline and hotel customers — this time from your credit card company.

To my son, Michael, I bequeath my frequent flyer miles

"Sooner or later, many of us will be faced with the possibility of bequeathing or inheriting frequent flyer miles.

Airline loyalty: Is it worth it?

Another day, another flight.

Trading miles is another way to fly

Scott Hintz needed more miles with American Airlines to book a free trip to Morocco this spring, and he had several thousand miles from another carrier that he thought might be just the ticket.

American Airlines eases Frequent Flyer restrictions

American Airlines has announced that its frequent-flyers would now be able to redeem one-way flights for half the miles of a round-trip award.

9 ways to save with frequent flier programs

If you don't have a frequent flier reward program number or card, get one when you buy your next ticket.

Tips to manage frequent flier miles

Casino pit bosses will tell you the best way to make your table action pay dividends is to sign up for a players card to record points based on how much money you put down and how long you play.

Make the most of your frequent-flier program

Before the year gets too far along, it’s a good idea to figure out how to get the most out of your frequent-flier miles, especially with the airline industry in so much flux.

Make the most of miles through airline upgrades

Airlines say the most frequently used frequent-flier award is the basic domestic coach ticket. But that's also the award with the lowest value per mile for consumers.

Frequent flyers redeem miles to beat higher fares

Airline customers are cashing in more frequent-flier awards this year, looking to avoid higher fares and believing that miles just aren't worth the same anymore.

Airline industry is clearly broken

The airline industry is clearly broken and must be fixed. Nowhere is that more evident than with the recent grounding of multiple Southwest Airline planes followed by American and Delta (and I suspect the other airlines before too many more days).