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Royal Jordanian Airlines always has a contingency plan, CEO claims

The chief executive officer of Royal Jordanian Airlines, Hussein H. Dabbas, recently met with members of the media from Canada and the United States at the airline’s corporate office in Amman.

Now they are attacking children’s parks in Gaza?

(eTN) - A group of about 25 armed and masked men attacked and set fire on Monday morning, June 28, to a recreational facility used by children on the beach in Nuseirat (in Gaza) that was being used to

No hope in Bethlehem

A group of Palestinian Christians representing a variety of churches and church-related organizations have issued an animated and prayerful call for an end to occupation of Palestine by Israel.

Middle East peace depends on Obama

Recent revelations of alleged human rights violations by the Israeli military during the Gaza War, along with aggressive rhetoric from both sides – combined with a peace process being ushered by Isr

R.O.A.R.: The answer to the crisis in the Mideast: ...

As Israelis who love our country, we feel passionately that Israel is hurting herself by the military incursion into the Gaza Strip.

R.O.A.R.: Palestinians hold the prospect of peace in their own...

Palestinians are the conduit of their own salvation, yet persistently choose the path of violence over the opportunity to live full, peaceful and productive lives.