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How the US and Canadian economies may impact Mexican tourism market...

There is a classical saying that after the age of Biblical prophecy closed that only fools and children try to predict the future.

Mexico – image and reality

(eTN) - Mexico has hit the headlines in recent weeks in the UK after the presenters of the popular BBC television show, Top Gear, made comments about Mexicans that were deemed racist by some and just

Puerto Vallarta: I’m on my way

In keeping with full disclosure, I have to admit a very strong bias: One of my favorite destinations on the planet is Puerto Vallarta (PV).

R.O.A.R.: Boycott Mexico? No, boycott American stupidity

The market vendor handed me the sack of fresh-made potato chips she’d just hauled out of the fryer, and motioned that I should add a bit of salt and lime juice.

Mexico tourism thriving amid economic crisis and high flight rates

According to the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and Mexico’s tourism, the economic crisis and the high prices of flight tickets are actually helping to boost tourism in Mexico.