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Christmas message from the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem

We, the Heads of the Churches of Jerusalem, bring you greetings of joy, peace, hope and love from the Land of the Nativity: the Joy and the peace of God that were announced by the heavenly host of Ang

Message from the Sofia congress chairman

Richard Lohento, chairman of the upcoming

Shape up or ship out – a stark message for Seychelles...

A recent visit to the Seychelles also gave opportunity to mingle with "normal" guests and get their comments and impressions from the islands and about the hotels they were staying in.

Caribbean Tourism Day: celebrating diversity

On the occasion of Caribbean Tourism Day, Hugh Riley, Secretary General of the Caribben Tourism Organization sends this message.

Message from the deputy mayor of Pattaya city, Thailand

Two days ago there was a report about two Taiwanese tourists found to have been affected with Influenza AH1N1 while traveling to the Eastern Resort In

Tourism and the G20 summit

As world leaders grapple with today’s unprecedented global economic conditions, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has said it wants to stress the potential for tourism and travel