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Michael Jackson’s rented mansion may soon be on a tour map

Michael Jackson’s rented Los Angeles mansion, where he suffered a fatal heart attack, may soon be put on a tour map.

Pentagon to be tourist site as new Sept. 11 memorial opens

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon announced Thursday that it would become a tourist destination when a new memorial building for the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001 opens next month.

Tourists visit genocide memorials in Rwanda

KIGALI, Rwanda—Visiting places famous for death is nothing new.

Honor Flights finally give WWII veterans a chance to visit their...

Since the World War II Memorial was erected on Washington DC's national mall four years ago, few of the thousands flocking to the site daily are surviving servicemen.Volunteer-staffed and donation-funded Honor Flights provide free travel and guardianship for World War II veterans to visit the monument that memorializes their service.