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MegaBus offers free seats for early 2010

Megabus.com, an express bus line serving cities in the Northeast and Midwest, said it will offer 100,000 free seats to customers traveling between Jan.

Megabus.com service begins on US East Coast today

Megabus.com, a low-cost, express bus service which offers fares as low as $1 via the Internet will make its first US East Coast journeys today. Having served more than one million customers in its West and Midwest markets, megabus.com now offers East Coast residents travel between New York and Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Buffalo, N.Y. and Atlantic City, N.J.

Megabus may end bargain bus service from Los Angeles

Talk about a cheap fling that didn't last: Apparently even $1 fares to San Francisco and Las Vegas aren't enough to lure Angelenos out of their cars.