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Southwest reaches tentative agreement with pilots union on Boeing 737-800

DALLAS - The decision to bring the Boeing 737-800 into the Southwest Airlines fleet moved yet another step closer to reality today as the Board of Directors for the Southwest Airlines Pilots' Associat

Mechanics snub American Airlines contract proposal

Members of American Airlines' mechanics union rejected a contract proposal and authorized union leaders to call a strike, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) said.

Union wars heat up at American Airlines

A group of American Airlines mechanics who are dissatisfied with the Transport Workers Union's representation have launched a drive to unseat the TWU.

Icelandair mechanics’ strike halted

Iceland's parliament passed a law Monday afternoon to terminate Icelandair's mechanics' strike that lasted 16 hours. Several Icelandair flights from Iceland to Europe were delayed 12 hours.

Mechanics target outsourced aircraft maintenance

The union that represents mechanics at American Airlines plans to launch a publicity campaign on Wednesday aimed at steering travelers away from airplanes maintained overseas.

United Airlines to recall 107 line mechanics

CHICAGO — United Airlines says it will recall 107 furloughed mechanics.

Report: Airlines are hiring mechanics who can’t speak English, read manuals

Investigators reportedly have uncovered evidence of airline repair centers hiring low-wage mechanics who are unable to read English.

Southwest Airlines reaches agreements with pilots and mechanics

DALLAS, TX - Southwest Airlines and the Southwest Airlines Pilot Association (SWAPA) announced today they have reached an agreement in principle on a new, five-year agreement through August 31, 2011.