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Tour to Feast powered by Cox & Kings set to redefine...

Introduces unique culinary tours in India crafted by hand-picked food experts

Island trips for Chinese tourists on course for sustained growth

Being spot on with what island tours have to offer is important as tourists perceive certain destinations, for instance ones in the South-east Asia,...

Damyang: Bamboo forests and everyone’s favorite – bamboo food!

Damyang, located in the northernmost place on the globe where bamboo can be found – on the Korean peninsula – is known for its bamboo gardens.

JAL dishes up more in-flight meal delights on international routes

Japan Airlines (JAL) will be refreshing a part of its lineup of in-flight meals onboard most international routes from September 1, 2012 with new creations designed in collaboration with several reput

Virgin America launches “New Year’s Resolution” menu

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - Virgin America today launches a new menu that features healthier fare for travelers looking to keep their New Year's resolutions – even at 35,000 feet.

Sharp objects found in airline food

(eTN) - As a strike is looming at NAS Airport Services, Kenya’s leading aviation catering firm, several of their employees were produced in court and charged with intent to bring harm to airline pas

Alaska Airlines expands inflight menu

Alaska Airlines has added selections to the existing buy-on-board menu of offerings, the airline said in an e-mail communication to Mileage Plan members June 1.

Airlines could earn up to extra $35 million by offering quality...

Your choices for the evening are "grilled sirloin steak with a classic béarnaise sauce or grilled chicken breast with a mandarin orange sauce," followed by what is seductively described as an "indulg

One upside to current extra-fee-ganza – better airline food

Airlines keep coming up with creative ways to tick people off. Spirit Airlines announced this month that it will start charging passengers as much as $45 to bring a carry-on bag.

US Airways ends cash transactions on domestic flights

US Airways Group Inc. is accepting only credit and debit cards for food and beverage purchases on its North American flights.

How U.S. airlines rate on the nutrition scale

When nutrition advocate Charles Stuart Platkin conceived of his airline food rankings 10 years ago, the average coach dinner had 1,054 calories, about as much as a McDonald's Big Mac and large fries.

Evolution of airline food

If you were a TWA first-class passenger traveling from Washington, D.C., to San Francisco, California, in October 1970, your menu read more like a feast for the Sun King than a precooked meal heated i

Food Court Vouchers and Special Dining Packages Make Summer Meals Fun...

Summer dining is always fun at America’s Premier Shopping Places, many of which offer patio dining overlooking waterways, parks and historic landmarks.

Malaysia Airlines introduces new Indian cuisine

SUBANG - Malaysia Airlines, the only Malaysian, full-frills carrier that continues to serve complimentary inflight meals, will roll out its new Indian

Airline meals have done a disappearing act in coach

Passengers joked about airline food, but they secretly welcomed the excuse to break their diets. After all, the meal appeared and there was nothing else to do but eat it.

There is such thing as a good airline meal

Passengers flying in the United States might be forgiven for thinking onboard meals are a thing of the past, but elsewhere airlines are discovering that best way to passengers' hearts is through their stomachs.

Airlines strive for high-flying dining

Where will you find diners with the hardest palates to please? Try 30,000 feet above ground.
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