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Civil Unions now available in Hawaii

Today, Hawaii moved a step closer to equality as the state's civil unions law went into effect, affording the rights, benefits, and responsibilities of marriage to same-sex couples.

A win for gay marriage and California tourism

Tourism officials in California hope that gays from around the country will opt to get married in sunny California, infusing money into the fiscally-challenged state.

The new gay mecca next door: Iowa may ring up tourism...

Nine years ago, Omahans Donna Colley and Margaux Towne-Colley ventured off to a picturesque village in Vermont to exchange rings and vows of lifelong commitment.

Weddings on a high note

Thailand – Experience a true adventure wedding as you and your loved one swing down a cliff-face via a rope while decked out in a tuxedo and wedding dress, repelling past lush greenery and a 60-mete

Reaching the height of marriage

Phu Kradueng National Park, Thailand – Much like a successful marriage, climbing a mountain takes persistence, hard-work, and the objective of reaching that topmost moment of Zen and sharing it with