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Syrian tourism to shift to the East for new markets

DAMASCUS, Syria - Switching to new markets was the most important strategy Syria has lately taken to salvage tourism, the country's second largest source of foreign currency, from inevitable breakdown

July-August 2011 IATA Airlines Financial Monitor released

Financial indicatorsAirline share prices down a quarter this year as financial markets get more bearish

Oman aims to attract tourists from new markets

MUSCAT, Oman - Overseas agents representing Oman's Ministry of Tourism in key source markets around the world met in Salalah late last week to explore ways to raise the sultanate's profile globally.

Porter Aviation scraps IPO idea, will wait for markets to stabilize

Porter Aviation Holdings Inc. said it won't proceed with its proposed initial public offering due to volatile equity-market conditions.

Selling Hawaii or not

I attended the Hawaii Tourism Association’s (HTA) Spring Marketing Update yesterday to get a feel for how Hawaii is spending its tourism promotion funds around the world.

The price wars in some markets have really hurt profitability

The nature of the lodging business is that there are always peaks and troughs of demand related to the supply available in any given market.

Virgin looks beyond space tourism

For most of the general public, not to mention many people within the space industry itself, suborbital spaceflight has become synonymous with a single market, space tourism.

Hong Kong looks toward emerging markets to boost tourism

Hong Kong is seeing the number of tourists from Europe and the Americas fall, so it is looking to emerging markets, including the Middle East, India and Russia.

FITUR Congresos 2009 to incorporate Peru and Uruguay as new markets

The Latin American business travel market is one of the fastest growing in the world, an increase which is reflected at the 10th edition of FITUR CONGRESOS with the incorporation of two new markets: P

Will the credit crunch take a big bite out of tourism...

Will the crunching credit bite in western economies empty Asia's holiday destinations?

Marriott CEO says international markets still strong

Marriott International, Inc. chairman and chief executive officer J.W. Marriott, Jr. today said that company's international lodging business continued to be strong but that softer demand trends were affecting the U.S. market.

Booming tourism in emerging economies promises huge benefits. But not if...

When low-cost air travel was taking off in Europe in the early 1990s, the German and the British ambassadors to Greece used to call each other at the end of each week during the summer, to compare notes on the bad behaviour of the visitors from their countries. No clear winner emerged.