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SAARPSCO anchors in the Seychelles

Minister Peter Sinon, Ministry of Investment, Natural Resources & Industry, and Lt. Col.

Protecting the welfare of the international maritime community

VICTORIA, Seychelles - The South Asia and Africa Regional Port Stability Cooperative (SAARPSCO) has established its world headquarters in Victoria, Seychelles, to protect the welfare of the internatio

Maritime highways key to African regional development

VICTORIA, Mahe - The Seychelles delegation at the 28th COMESA Council of Ministers Meeting, in Swaziland this week, has highlighted the need for regional economic communities such as COMESA to strengt

Seychelles and the USA sign piracy agreement

VICTORIA, Mahé – The government of Seychelles has signed a Transfer of Suspected Pirates Agreement with the United States of America at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, today - July 14, as part of