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Philippines irked by the map of disputed islands in new Chinese...

MANILA, Philippines - The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Friday that visa processing for Chinese tourists who carry the new e-passport that include a map of the disputed islands in the We

Seychelles Tourism Board commissions new destination map

It has been confirmed that the Seychelles Tourism Board has commissioned a new map of the destination with local graphics designer, Erwin Burian, based on the documentation revealed in an historical b

Abu Dhabi to permanently make its mark on the cultural map...

From the carved seals of the Dilmun civilization in the third millennium BC to today’s multimedia installations, creative expression has always marked the cultures along the shore of the Arabian Gul

Subway-style map to boost tourism in Somerset

A London Tube-style map has been created detailing major tourist attractions in Somerset.

Advertising Standards Authority bans Israeli tourism posters

London - A tourism campaign depicting the areas of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Golan Heights as part of Israel has been banned by the advertising watchdog following hundreds of complaints.

Franko Maps and Hawaiian Resources announce completion of the Hawaiian travel...

Visitors to Hawaii are now able to plan a complete itinerary of what to see and do in Hawaii by utilizing a "Franko Map" of their favorite island.