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Manchester United in sponsorship deal with accident-prone Russian Aeroflot

LONDON, England - Russian airline Aeroflot is to become an unlikely addition to Manchester United’s global roster of sponsors in a multi-million-pound contract to be announced this summer.

Turkish Airlines welcomes Kobe Bryant, Manchester United and FC Barcelona

WASHINGTON - Turkish Airlines celebrated the World Football Challenge with Manchester United and FC Barcelona during a weekend of festivities and a special appearance by Kobe Bryant, the Airline's Glo

Turkish Airlines signs sponsorship deals with FC Barcelona, Manchester United

Turkish Airlines, one of the most powerfully developing airline in Europe, has signed two major sponsorship deals this week, with two of the best European football teams: FC Barcelona and Manchester U

Terrorists score no “goals” in Indonesia

The bombing attack on two leading Jakarta hotels on July 17, 2009, also resulted in the cancellation of a friendly exhibition match between the world-renowned Manchester United and a team of Indonesia