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Indonesia: ambitious tourism management plan hit at infrastructure deficiencies

MANADO, Indonesia (eTN) - It is a hard task to promote and host an international show as a relative newcomer on the tourism scene.

With demand softening from Europe, ASEAN lures at Asia

MANADO, Indonesia (eTN) - The 15th meeting of ASEAN Tourism Ministers launched the ATF 2012 in Manado on January 12.

ATF in Manado kicks off

MANADO, Indonesia (eTN) - It is Asia’s first big show of the year.

Pre-TRAVEX registration statistics reveal robust ATF 2012 event

MANADO, Indonesia – The newly-constructed Golden Kawanua Exhibition Hall, the venue for ATF 2012 TRAVEX, is geared up to welcome over 1,400 TRAVEX delegates to Manado next week.

10th Celebrate the Sea Festival 2011 in Manado is joined by...

The biggest underwater water imagery festival in the Asia Pacific is headed to

ASEAN tourism continues to prosper

PHNOM PENH (eTN) - ASEAN Travel Forum 2011 hosted in Phnom Penh for the second time reconfirms that Southeast Asia is flying high again.