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Maldives Tourism announces amendment to Request for Proposal for Herathera Island

The Maldives Tourism Development Corporation PLC (MTDC) has extended the deadline for submission of Proposal for Herathera Island on or before 1400 hours on January 21, 2013.

Maldives accepting proposals for management of Herathera Island on Seenu Atoll

Maldives Tourism Development Corporation Plc (MTDC) requests both Maldivian and foreign parties to submit written proposals under the Request for Proposal (RFP) dated October 16, 2012 (REF no: MTDC/20

Maldives: Nasheed fights back

LONDON, England (eTN) - In February, 2012, Mohamed Nasheed, the first democratically-elected President of the Maldives, was ousted from power and replaced by his Vice President, Mohammed Waheed Hassan

Supporting President Nasheed’s call for a democratic process in the Maldives

Tourism makes up one-third of the economy of the Muslim country of Maldives, a country that markets itself as one of the world’s top luxury travel destinations.

Maldives political mess to benefit Vanilla Islands

(eTN) - Recent events in the Maldives have triggered a trend by key global tour operating companies to seek alternatives, should the islands descend into full-scale political unrest.

Maldives: political dream ends with a coup

The political story in the Maldives has come full circle.

Gayoom’s 30-year reign ends

Even a few months ago it, would have been unthinkable that the day would come when the Maldives would have a new President.