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Hong Kong still top destination for mainland tourists

Hong Kong's tax-free retail sales, proximity to the mainland and reputation for genuine goods will allow the city to keep its position as the top destination for mainland shoppers, in spite of any rec

Taiwan’s limitations on Chinese visitors curbing tourism growth

Taiwan will not replace Hong Kong as the favorite destination for Chinese tourists in the next few years unless it loosens quota restrictions and invests more in hardware and infrastructure, Bank of A

Chinese visitors spending more in Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan - A recent survey conducted by the Tourism Bureau shows that while Chinese tourists spend less on accommodation than they did three years ago, they are spending more on shopping and oth

Hong Kong: Chinese tourists grumble more

The good news for Hong Kong's tourism industry is that visitor numbers this year have been steadily rising.

Taiwan’s tourism hails Chinese new individual travel policy

TAIPEI/XIAMEN - Taiwan's tourism industry warmly responded to the announcement of a policy Sunday that will allow mainland tourists to visit the island as individuals.