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Pastoralism versus tourism in Tanzania

TANZANIA, Africa (eTN) - Grazing their cattle in the barren land of the wildlife-rich Ngorongoro district in northern Tanzania, the Maasai pastoralists are still living a desperate life after a prolon

Travel philanthropy on course to benefit Maasai people in Tanzania

TANZANIA (eTN) - Clad in their traditional attire, the Maasai women are found selling beads and locally-made jewelry and bracelets to the tourists camping and visiting in their location within the Lol

Mwangunga sends SOS message to frustrated Maasai in Ngorongoro

ARUSHA, Tanzania (eTN) - Native Maasai population will not be evicted in Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Shamsa Mwangunga has announced, sending a "save our souls"