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The price is right for Rhonexpress in Lyon

LYON (eTN) - A wind of revolt is blowing on Facebook and other local websites in Lyon lashing at the new express tramway, Rhonexpress, which since August links France’s second largest city to the ai

Afriqiyah Airways expands European network to Lyon and Milan

TRIPOLI, Libya - Afriqiyah Airways has added Lyon-Satolas, France and Milan-Malpensa, Italy to its European network as part of an on-going corporate strategy to improve transportation links between Af

Airport news: Lyon airport more attractive than ever in 2010

LYON (eTN) - In the shadow of Paris but also of Nice, Lyon airport is now coming of age.

Air transport does not fit into SNCF pioneering vision

France is proud of its rail network and it has all the reasons to be like this: French national rail company SNCF is certainly a leading rail operator in Europe.

Easyjet celebrates Lyon base anniversary

Celebrating its first anniversary of its Lyon base, Easyjet presence has unveiled ambitious expansion plans in France’s second largest city.