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Zambia Olympic Youth Development Centre hosts 2000 athletes from 12 countries

(eTN) - The young legacy of the Olympic Youth Development Centre in Lusaka, Zambia, continues to build as it presented the Zone Six Under-20 Games this month for Zambia’s youth, as well as 2,000 ath

Kenya Airways adds Johannesburg flights

(eTN) - The Pride of Africa, Kenya Airways, is set to significantly increase flights between Kenya and South Africa from December onwards, when one of the airline’s recently-acquired Embraer E190 je

Precision Air connects Tanzania and Zambia

TANZANIA (eTN) - Responding to outcries from tourists and business travelers between Tanzania and Zambia, Precision Air, Tanzania’s fast-growing, private-owned airline, has launched three weekly fli

IIPT conference address by Seychelles tourism executive touches on peace through...

The address deliverd by Seychelles Tourism Board CEO Alain St.Ange at the IIPT conference in Zamiba was indeed well received.

Stop hitting on the airlines: the world needs more flights for...

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Professor Geoffrey Lipman, Director of greenearth.travel, addressing the IIPT Summit in Lusaka, Zambia, said it was time to recognize the pivotal role aviation plays in the develop

Seychelles at International Institute for Peace through Tourism conference

"Peace and stability" has been echoed by all who took to the podium at the opening ceremony of the 5th African Conference for the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) as being the

Aviation news: RwandAir gets Lusaka rights

(eTN) - It was learned that the national airline of Rwanda, RwandAir, has recently secured traffic rights between Kigali and Lusaka, Zambia, and plans are underway from late this year to commence flig

Zambian president shares his tourism vision

East Africa correspondent Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H.

R.O.A.R.: A trip to Lusaka

I recently took a trip to Lusaka. There was no way I could drive on the Zimba road as it is. Can you imagine what it is going to be like after the rainy season?