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No food, no water, no blankets – welcome to Norwegian Air...

Norwegian Air Shuttle, Europe's third-largest budget airline, has apologised for refusing passengers food, water and even blankets on its recently launched long-haul flights to New York and Bangkok.

Czech Airlines resumes long-haul flights with new service to Seoul

After a three-year hiatus, Czech Airlines is again including its own long-haul flights in its flight schedule.

Airberlin’s comfort initiative on long-haul flights

In order to offer passengers the highest possible level of comfort and service, Germany’s second largest airline is constantly improving its product – from the design of the aircraft cabin, to the

Air service over Africa expanding

(eTN) - Air service is expanding over the African continent as well as over the ocean for long-haul flights.ETHIOPIAN ADDS MILAN TO EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS

Seychelles joins partners in condemning taxes on long-haul flights

The Seychelles government has added its voice to an international call for the re-evaluation of unilateral taxes being applied to long-haul travel destinations.

A stopover in Qatar

(eTN) - Qatar is promoting a new 48-hour leisure layover hub for long-haul flights as part of its of developing heritage tourism.