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British Airways: Las Vegas top holiday destination for athletes

CRAWLEY, England - It seems that British athletes will be going from the podium to the party, as Las Vegas has been revealed as the number one holiday destination for athletes following the London 201

British Airways launches cashback campaign

CRAWLEY, England - British Airways will be rewarding customers who stay in the UK to cheer on Team GB and Paralympics GB.

UK riots keep British holidaymakers in Bali

Street unrest taking place in the United Kingdom is causing some British holidaymakers to extend their stays in Bali.

UK riots: a tour operator’s perspective

The news that there have been riots in London has flashed round the world. Modern technology may have helped the looters co-ordinate their actions.

Riots leave UK tourism untarnished

VisitBritain has said Britain has a strong and positive image overseas and we hope these incidents will be short-lived and that inbound tourism will show its customary resilience.