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Mexican billionaires beat Brazilians in wealth

SINGAPORE - The list of the top 10 wealthiest Latin Americans has been released today.

European, US carriers dominate list of world’s safest airlines

Although rarely featured in the top 10 rankings for best customer service, European and American carriers soundly dominate a new list of the world's safest airlines.

List of the world’s busiest airports released

Global aviation organization Airports Council International (ACI) has released its World Airport Traffic Report for 2010, with London, Paris and Hong Kong taking out the first three places in terms of

Ten great American vacation rental amenities

NEWTON, Mass. - TripAdvisor today announced ten outstanding vacation rental amenities according to TripAdvisor editors and the results of its vacation rental amenities survey of more than 1,000 U.S.

Playboy unveils list of America’s greatest late-night bars

CHICAGO, Ill. - For those who enjoy partying long after the sun's gone down, Playboy anveils the list of America's greatest late-night bars.

Best hotels in the world unveiled

LONDON, England - The Insider Select 2011 list of world's best hotels was unveiled today.

2011 America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations announced

WASHINGTON - Today, the National Trust for Historic Preservation announced its 2011 list of America's Dozen Distinctive Destinations.

10 dirtiest hotels in Europe exposed

LONDON, England - The list of Europe's ten dirtiest hotels has been released today.

Top 10 fall foliage destinations in the US

NEWTON, Mass. - Top ten fall foliage destinations in the U.S. have been announced. The list is based a TripAdvisor survey of more than 2,300 travelers.

25 best cocktail bars in America named

NEW YORK - To compile and rank the nation's best cocktail bars for the October issue, GQ traveled over 30,000 miles, visited twenty-one cities and 102 bars, and drank more than 400 cocktails, before f

Airline safety – no credible list of the safest or riskiest...

Every once in a while, air travelers call up the Flight Safety Foundation and ask: Which airline should I fly? Is this one considered statistically safer than another?

New US airline security measures anger some states

ALGIERS - Extra airline security checks introduced after the failed Christmas Day bomb plot are still evolving, a senior U.S.

Too many tourists put many attractions on endangered sites list

Travelers yearning to explore prehistoric Stonehenge or Machu Picchu's Inca ruins better start packing, as both are on a list of endangered destinations, according to a British travel magazine.

National Trust for Historic Preservation names 2009 list of America’s Dozen...

WASHINGTON, DC - The National Trust for Historic Preservation announced today the selection of its 2009 Dozen Distinctive Destinations.

If I were convinced that America is safer because I get...

WASHINGTON - The Justice Department's former top criminal prosecutor says the government's terror watch list likely has caused thousands of innocent Americans to be questioned, searched or otherwise h